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A “bald fade” and a “fade” done only with clippers and trimmers are both styles of haircuts. These styles are commonly seen in men’s haircuts but can also be used in women’s styles. The primary difference between the two styles comes down to how short the hair is cut and the tools used in the process.

  1. Bald Fade: Also known as a skin fade, a bald fade starts with extremely short hair at the bottom (essentially bald or shaven to the skin) that gradually gets longer as it goes up the head. As the name suggests, in a bald fade, the hair is faded into the skin, making the scalp visible at the lowest part of the fade. To achieve a bald fade, barbers typically use a combination of tools, including clippers, trimmers, and razors/shavers.
  2. Fade (with clippers and trimmers): A fade done only with clippers and trimmers also involves transitioning from shorter to longer hair as you go up the head, but the shortest part isn’t usually shaved down to the skin. Instead, the barber uses different guard sizes on the clippers to create a smooth transition from very short hair at the bottom to longer hair at the top.

In both cases, the “fade” can be high, mid, or low, referring to how high up on the head the shortest part of the hair starts. The precise lengths and transitions can vary based on personal preference and the specific style desired.